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*SeaHarvest Kelp Meal

Mix SeaHarvest Kelp Meal with your feed ration or put out in place of a mineral block for the most economical way to provide your animals with the vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals that they need, in chelated form. SeaHarvest satisfies the need in animals for trace elements that are lacking in low mixed feeds, pastures, and other forages. Kelp meal raises  production levels, aids in digestion ability, improves   conception rates, promotes healthy births, healthy fur and coats, and the utilization of  other feed consumed. SeaHarvest Kelp meal is  harvested from the cold fresh waters of the North Atlantic and sun-dried to preserve the natural vitamin and mineral content. Feed at a 1-2% of your ration or free choice.

50lb. bag ~ $78.50 
20lb. bag ~ $36.50

*Diotamtious Earth

Ground fossil shells from the  remains of single-cell algae called diatoms. Untreated, unheated, food grade, fresh  water variety. Fine drying   powder absorbs moisture and dehydrates on contact. Can be used as an animal feed additive up to 2% of feed ration.

50lb. bag ~ $45.00
10lb. bag ~ $11.50

Healthy livestock is essential for a healthy, profitable farm. Providing your animals with organic feed supplements fills their nutritional needs without the use of questionable chemicals and medications.