*Terra Victus Primo 5-4-5

A 100% natural, composted    fertilizer of poultry manure, kelp, humate, feathermeal, and   sulfate of potash. Terra Victus Primo provides a balanced NPK source, in a slow release form that feeds the plant throughout the season. The kelp and  humate additives   provide trace minerals and bio-humates easily assimilated by plants. They also enhance germination, root growth, and overall health of the plant. Terra Victus Primo aids in the structure, water  retention, and aeration of the soil. An excellent choice for vegetable gardens, flower beds, shrubs, and trees, and a superb choice for producers and field crops. Terra Victus Primo will solve your fertilizer needs. For gardens apply 5lbs. per 100 ft. row or 2lbs per 100 sq. ft.

50lb. bag ~ $27.75

20lb. bag ~ $13.00

5lb. bag ~ $5.00

*Terra Victus Lawn 8-3-3

Make your lawn safe and  enjoyable for family and pets. Our all natural, composted fertilizer made from poultry manure, feathermeal, sulfate of potash, blood meal, humate and kelp, this organic lawn fertilizer provides essential nutrients in a slow release form which feeds the turf  over the season. Because it is slow release no   nitrogen is lost to leaching or the  atmosphere, making Terra Victus Lawn a more efficient and cost effective  nitrogen source then chemical  fertilizers. Naturally occurring micro-organisms aid in decomposition of grass clippings and help prevent thatch build up. Trace elements supplied by kelp and humate stimulate growth and  enhance stress resistance, such as drought. Also helps prevent diseases such as brown patch, leaf spot, snow mold, dollar spot, fusarium and red thread. Easy to spread  granular form. Only two applications per year  needed. Apply 10lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft.

50lb. bag ~ $39.25

*Soft Rock Phosphate 0-0-3

 A granular, natural  phosphate that contains phosphate and  calcium, plus minor and trace   minerals. Promotes early root  formation and growth, and   encourages earthworm and soil bacteria growth. Supplies the phosphate needed by all plants for cell growth, photosynthesis, and  respiration. Slow release so it will not leach away like chemically treated phosphate. 2% phosphate immediately available. For gardens apply 1-3 lbs. per 100 sq. ft.

50lb. bag ~ $26.00


SuperCal SO4® provides 17% sulfur in the sulfate from, the best way to take it to the plants. SO4 also provides 21% calcium, which improves soil structure, aeration and drainage. This increases water infiltration while loosening hard soil and improving seedling emergence. SO4 also helps stabilize organic matter and decreases nitrogen loss to the atmosphere.
40lb. bag ~ $11.00

*SuperCal 98G
SuperCal 98G is 98% pure calcitic limestone. Pelletized lime raises pH faster and more effectively than other lime products. The lime in SuperCal 98G is ground extremely fine (the only way lime is really  effective) and then formed into pellets like a dry fertilizer. The resulting product means producers don't experience loss due to material that is too coarse or so fine that it blows away, like with agricultural lime. Also, 98G pelletized lime is easy to handle, you can mix it with other fertilizers and it costs less than traditional agricultural lime.

40lb bag ~ $10.00

*Jersey Greensand

A 3% potash base exchange mineral mined from a marine deposit. Also contains 22 other minerals. Helps to loosen  compacted soils. Highly recommended for use conditioning pastures, lawns, orchards, fields, and gardens. Apply 2-4 lbs. per 100 sq. ft. or 1,000 lbs. per acre.

50lb. bag ~ $28.75

*ᴿWorm Castings
A pure, all natural plant food produced by earthworms.  Non-burning, long lasting castings help plant and root growth and improves aeration of soil. In gardens and flower beds use 1/2 cup per plant, or 1 part castings to 3 parts soil. For roses mix 4 cups into the soil aroundeach plant.

20lb. bag ~ $18.75

*Maxicrop Soluble Seaweed Powder

 Get all of the same   benefits as liquid seaweed at a lower price with this dehydrated seaweed extract. Super fine powder   dissolves quickly and easily. One teaspoon makes a gallon of spray.

10.7oz ~ $21.00

Maxicrop Liquefied Seaweed

 A liquid kelp made from the whole non-fibrous content of seaweed. Contains a complex of over 60 chelated minor  elements and bio-growth stimulants which have a  tremendous effect on seed germination, root development and general growth. Also reduces stress and enhances disease  resistance. Mix 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Spray every 2-3 weeks.
Qt. ~ $13.00       Gal ~$31.50

*Liquid Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1

 A liquid fish emulsion made from  seagoing fish. Provides nitrogen, phosphorus, and  potassium needed for plant growth. Will not shock or burn plants. Use as a  foliar spray or water in. Dilute 3 tablespoons per gallon of water.
Qt. ~ $12.00      Gal ~ $25.55

Using Seaweed and Liquid Fish as a foliar spray every 10 to14 days will give you better produce yields, and stronger healthier plants that are more resistant to drought,  disease, and   insect attack.